Large, plump, white, and absolutely delicious. Olympiana figs make the ideal healthy natural snack, or use them in recipes, on a cheese plate, the options are endless!


In addition to looking better on the shelf, our figs are the best tasting in the world. In blind taste tests our figs are preferred over California, Turkish, and Kalamata Greek figs. Try one and see for yourself!

Our harvest occurs every August, and lasts approximately the entire month.

Nets laid out just before the harvest ready for the figs to naturally dry and fall into the nets

Figs drying right after collection from nets

The figs are naturally sundried, not in ovens or with chemicals. And unlike Turkish figs, no methyl bromide is used, nor is potassium sorbate used as in most California figs.

Kimi figs are hand selected, every harvest the villages are teeming with activity as only the best quality is set aside for our customers in the USA.

Crop just in from growers, each lot is traceable back to a specific grower and plot of land

Worlds Tastiest Dried Figs, from the island of Evia Greece